Wiz Khalifa Joins Team Khloe In Amber Rose Feud | Betches

Wiz Khalifa Joins Team Khloe In Amber Rose Feud

By Queen Elizabetch

Wiz Khalifa entered the Khloe-Amber feud and filed for custody of their 2 year old son Sebastian. This seems very Britney and K-Fed circa 2007. You know something has gone terribly wrong in your life when Wiz "We dem boyz" Khalifa is the most responsible parent. Even though he's obvi Team Khloe, Wiz's allegations could legit be applied to Kim Kardashian... I guess it's still a tie. Here's the full comparison:

1. Amber often stays out all night, requiring that relatives and staff take over
Kim has a production staff, nannies, and Kris Jenner

2. When she wakes up she'll play with the kid for 15 minutes or so and then disappear
See: Kim snuggling with North in the makeup chair

3. Amber and her mom have a volatile relationship, laced with "shouting matches and vulgar exchanges"
Substitute "mom" for Kourtney and Khloe




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