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How To Work Out When It's Hot As Balls Outside

Let's admit it. We all had too much processed meat, Doritos, Jell-O shots, and rum punch over the long Fourth of July weekend. If you're feeling like a fat ass, it's because you probably gained like, three pounds in three days.

The problem with summer weight gain is 1) you probably have to be in a swimsuit again soon and 2) it's so fucking hot outside it's miserable to work out.

Never fear, here are your workout tips to get you back on track, like, at least before Labor Day.

Sure, a regular cotton tee might be fine to run in during most of the year, but when it's hot out, you definitely need to hit up Lululemon for some moisture wicking gear. Apart from keeping you from looking like a sweaty garbage pile while working out, pulling the moisture away from your body will actually keep you cooler so you can work out longer.




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