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We are happy to announce that we're expanding our search for new contributing and hired writers.

Good news, the application is no longer limited to NYC. Bad news, we're looking for the type of person who is really on top of her shit.

Before you get started on your application, we would like to say that we're NOT accepting applicants in high school or freshmen in college. We also do NOT offer college internship credit.

We do NOT encourage people who are not experienced writers to apply.

If you are selected as a contributing writer, the position may become a paid part- or full-time position in the future. This applicaton is rolling and for immediate employment. 

What We're Looking For

  • Funny, well-written, insightful articles on topics we haven't covered before. If you would like to expand on an old topic, it should be from an entirely new angle.
  • Writers who are competent and knowledgeable in a specific area (i.e., politics, tech, music, business, fashion, etc). If you want to be a contributor in a specific area, at least one of your writing samples should be on that subject.
  • Applicants who can produce articles frequently (minimum 3-5 per week) with little editing

Please email the following information to [email protected] in plain text in the body of an email. We will NOT open attachments. 

1. Full Name, Age

2. Email address / Twitter handle / Instagram handle

3. Education

4. Current employment / College

5. Publications you've written for, if any:

6. Any specific subject areas, that you'd like to write about, if any. Describe your interests as a writer or a specific column you would like to write. 

7. How many quality posts can you produce on a weekly basis?

8. Two writing samples (between 500 and 1000 words) - The first writing sample is an original topic of your choosing. We don't care what it is, as long as it is hilarious and you could see it being posted on Betches Love This. However, this post can be on a topic we haven't written about before. The second writing sample should be a piece you have written before in a previous publication (assuming you've done so). If you haven't had your work published before, you can submit a second sample with the same guidelines as the first. 

9. Please download and fill out this FORM (just standard official shit) and attach it in a pdf. 

If you have any questions about the position, email [email protected] But please do not email us with questions about our hiring process or when we will be accepting or rejecting applications. We will contact you.

REMEMBER, write your application in the BODY OF AN EMAIL. The only thing that should be attached is the official signed document in pdf format. 



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