TBT: The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of All Time | Betches

TBT: The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of All Time

By Say Yes To The Betch

Celebrities are supposed to look good, like, always. There's a reason Gigi Hadid looks like she just got her hair and makeup done when she's spotted at a gas station on a Saturday morning. It's because SHE DID. That's why it's such a shame when celebrities embarrass themselves on Halloween. You literally have so much potential to pull off a bomb costume, and instead you show up looking worse than I did in my fifth grade M&M suit. Here are the worst celeb Halloween costumes of all time:

Julianne dressed up as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black one year, but the blackface and orange jumpsuit combo was literally terrifying. She also got a shit-ton of flak for being the least PC ever, and awkwardly had to apologize afterwards for offending so many people. This year, let's play it safe with the classic bunny? Or maybe an emoji? 




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