The 8 Worst People on Public Transportation | Betches

The 8 Worst People on Public Transportation

By DrunkEyesFullHeart

Contrary to popular belief, not all betches are living the high life (yet.) The majority of us twenty-something year olds are still hustling at jobs that require us to get other people Starbucks, answer phones pretending we’re friendly, and trying to look busy while we’re really sitting on our computer reading Betches Love This. With these start up jobs come one thing that all people, regardless of status but most of all betches, hate: public transportation. I mean we already wrote a whole article about it. Participating in public transportation reminds us that we’re all still peasants without a town car and private jet, but whatever. From trains, planes, subways, and buses - every betch has had to sit in a confined space with strangers trying to mind our own business while we inadvertently people watch and judge everyone around us. Here’s a list of the absolute WORST people you’ll face on public transportation.




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