Top 8 Worst Sorority Recruitment Conversations | Betches

Top 8 Worst Sorority Recruitment Conversations

By Blackout Betch

Looking back on your college years there is something you remember despising more than your fat freshman year roommate who ate all your snacks and your landlord who would always conveniently “drop by” as you were throwing a fraternity-sized birthday pregame.

Recruitment. Just when you thought the worst type of small talk you would ever have to endure in your life would be with your grandma when she asks why you aren’t engaged yet, you went through recruitment. Grandma does have to chill though—she should be happy you’re not pregnant or addicted to hard drugs.

There are a few conversations that made us want to take an extra Adderall before rounds and wonder how some girls’ parents would let them out of the house being that awkward and uncomfortable. We broke them down for you. 




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