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You NEED To Add Kylie Jenner On Snapchat

By Queen Elizabetch

Kylie Jenner now has a public SnapChat account where she posts selfies of her boobs, because nothing says daddy issues like a push-up bra. She doesn't send pics back to people, and I doubt that she actually receives pics from other people, so the whole point of this is for people to watch her story. Cool.

She's definitely that betch who posts a 10 second post-workout, date night with the besties, and just woke up selfies. Most recently, she posted a photo with Tyga - subtle.

Newsflash: we'd stop giving a shit about their non-relationship if they'd stop dropping hints.

But I have a bunch of questions for Kylie's new SnapChat obsession:

Will Kris's house get a geotag?
Who would Kylie's best friends be if best friends still existed? (Jaden Smith? Khloe? Norman?)
When will she start posting drunk photos?




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