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You Need To See This Photo Of High School Blake Lively

By Queen Elizabetch

Blake Lively, face of L'Oreal, muse for Gucci, overall goddess, was just as awkward as every other 14 year old girl in the history of the world. Somebody posted a photo of her going to a high school formal, and it is 2002 glam. She's wearing Paris Hilton's mini tiara, a pink and silver sequined dress that Nicki Minaj would kill for, and over-straightened side bangs with a pony tail. Don't pretend like you don't have a picture of yourself just like this.

Blake might not be rocking a cleave rhombus, but her boobs are still A-list. Seriously, she must have caused so many girls in her freshmen class to stuff. Her date tried so hard to get the Ryan Atwood hair style, and looks so excited for his post-formal hand job.

The whole point of this photo is that it doesn't matter what terrible style choices you made in early high school, as long as you have great boobs and get a nose job (imagine Serena VDW with Blake's original nose...). Anyway, it's nice to know that perfect, gorgeous Blake thought this look was a good choice.




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