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You Need To Watch Jaden Smith's New Video

By Queen Elizabetch

Jaden "Most Trees Are Blue" Smith released the music video for his song Scarface, and it's exactly as trippy as you'd expect. It was directed by Rico from Hannah Montana or Moises Arias from Kylie Jenner's Instagram. The video is kind of like if The Ring was set in Southern California and Drake was the main character.



The song itself is pretty good. By that I mean that I wouldn't actively choose to listen to it, but if it came on the radio or Pandora, I wouldn't skip it like fucking Honey, I'm Good. It's always surprising when somebody who is bat shit crazy on social media can actually produce decent music (@ Meek Mill).

The best part is Jaden's face-sized coffee mug that I would use for Monday morning coffee and Friday afternoon wine.




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